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Bosch Motronik 7.3.1 Распиновка ЭБУ

ME7.3.1 injection/ignition control unit


A1, Not connected

A2, Not connected

A3, Alfa Romeo CODE connection

A4, Not connected

A5, Not connected

A6, Compressor engagement request

A7, Power supply for accelerator pedal potentiometer

A8, Signal for potentiometer — 1 accelerator pedal

A9, Quadrinary — Fan 1st speed request

A10, Cruise Control ON/OFF

A11, Not connected

A12, CAN-L line

A13, Compressor relay control

A14, Not connected

A15, Direct supply

A16, Supply controlled by ignition, via main relay

A17, Not connected

A18, Cruise Control warning light

A19, Injection warning light

A20, Preparation for Flash Programming

A21, Not connected

A22, Fuel level sensor

A23, Not connected

A24, Earth for potentiometer — 1 accelerator pedal

A25, Earth for potentiometer — 2 accelerator pedal

A26, Brake lights switch

A27, Brake lights switch

A28, SPORT function switch

A29, CAN-H line

A31, Fuel pump relay feed

A31, Main relay activation

A32, Supply controlled by ignition, via main relay

A33, Not connected

A34, Not connected

A35, Rev counter signal

A36, Not connected

A37, Not connected

A38, Not connected

A39, Not connected

A40, Signal for potentiometer — 2 accelerator pedal

A41, Quadrinary — fan 2nd speed request

A42, Cruise Control Resume

A43, Cruise Control SET +

A44, Speedometer sensor signal

A45, CAN-H line

A46, Injection warning light

A47, Supply controlled by ignition

A48, Supply controlled by ignition, via main relay

A49, Not connected

A50, Operation of fan 1st speed

A51, Not connected

A52, Fuel consumption signal

A53, Diagnostic connection (K line)

A54, Air temperature sensor signal

A55, Not connected

A56, Supply for accelerator pedal potentiometer

A57, Air flow meter signal

A58, Cruise Control SET —

A59, Clutch pedal switch

A60, Oil pressure switch

A61, CAN-L line

A62, Operation of fan 2nd speed

A63, Air flow meter supply

A64, Not connected

B1, Throttle casing motor earth

B2, Lambda sensor heater (pre-cat. left)

B3, Operation of injector for cyl. 4

B4, Variable geometry solenoid valve operation

B5, Fuel vapour recovery solenoid control

B6, Detonation sensor 2 reference earth

B7, Lambda sensor earth (pre-cat. left)

B8, Not connected

B9, Not connected

B10, Engine rpm sensor

B11, Not connected

B12, Not connected

B13, Not connected

B14, Cylinder 4 coil operation

B15, Not connected

B16, Cylinder 1 coil operation

B17, Throttle casing motor supply

B18, Not connected

B19, Operation of injector for cyl. relay

B20, Not connected

B21, Not connected

B22, Detonation sensor 1

B23, Lambda sensor signal (pre-cat. right)

B24, Potentiometer — 1 throttle body

B25, Engine coolant temperature

B26, Sensors reference earth

B27, Not connected

B28, Lambda sensor signal (post-cat.)

B29, Not connected

B30, Cylinder 3 coil operation

B31, Cylinder 2 coil operation

B32, Not connected

B33, Throttle casing motor earth

B34, Lambda sensor heater (pre-cat. right)

B35, Operation of injector for cyl. 3

B36, Phase transformer operation

B37, Not connected

B38, Not connected

B39, Lambda sensor signal (pre-cat. left)

B40, Potentiometer — 2 throttle body

B41, Not connected

B42, Timing sensor signal

B43, Not connected

B44, Not connected

B45, Not connected

B46, Not connected

B47, Not connected

B48, Not connected

B49, Throttle casing motor supply

B50, Lambda sensor heater (post-cat.)

B51, Timing sensor power supply

B52, Operation of injector for cyl. relay

B53, Not connected

B54, Detonation sensor 1 reference earth

B55, Lambda sensor earth (pre-cat. right)

B56, Not connected

B57, Not connected

B58, Throttle casing potentiometers supply

B59, Engine rpm sensor

B60, Lambda sensor earth (post-cat.)

B61, Not connected

B62, Not connected

B63, Not connected

B64, Not connected